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H B Ramlan Advocates


971 55 8018669

PO Box 117694, Dubai United Arab Emirates.

About us
Our Law firm is a private Firm in the UAE of highly qualified lawyers, legal consultants, advocates and we believe that clients' success determines our own. So we ensure both by collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals.

Our Criminal lawyers have exceptional verbal, written advocacy skills, analytic abilities and powerful creative thinking to come up with a legal strategy. We are confident that each case will undergo extensive research and fact-finding procedure that will also be significant in creating a robust defense and progressing a client's case.

Commercial disputes can sap your power and resources. Your company can be handicapped by uncollected sales. The qualified lawyers and advocates of our legal firm can assist you to face these challenges head on. By offering outstanding service to each client, we represent and keeping a narrow focus on several aspects of the law, we help our customers achieve their targets.

Our law firm has reached the highest ratings available for ethical standards and legal abilities. We have been incredibly successful in serving justice following the passing of someone you care about and claiming damages for families with a critical accident. Our aim is to help make the procedure as smooth as we are able to make it and to increase your settlement. We have the best lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi who are experts in personal injury law or accident claims for more than three decades.

In each scenario, our international network means wherever the dispute happens, we are able to deliver precise guidance immediately. In the event multiple authorities are covered by the arbitration, our legal consultants can quickly form a global team. Our long experience means we understand what things to anticipate and the best way to attain results. We never lose sight of the requirement to tailor our method of the requirements of the clients we're representing.

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